The teach-outs in support of the strikes are still going strong

Please join us for a teach-out organised by UCU members and Brookes students, celebrating the role of the university as a space for provocation, thought and reflection on key social justice issues of our day.

Come join us for a fascinating series of 5–10 minute provocations followed by Q&A and discussion at The Up in Arms Pub.

All staff, students and members of the public welcome. Pizza (including vegan option) available for £5 from 12–3pm.

Teach-In Schedule — Thursday, 31st March

People will likely start to arrive from 12:30. Events will start once people have been able to grab a bite or a drink – as things settle.
The Up in Arms Pub, 241 Marston Road, Headington, Oxford, OX3 0FN
This event will be composed of two mini-panels consisting of three discussants (or provocateurs) per panel followed by Q&A. As the aim of this event is to generate discussion and dialogue, discussants will limit their provocations to 5–10 minutes.

Panel One

Chris Hesketh, Department of Social Sciences
What insights are to be learned from social movement struggles in Latin America?
Doerthe Rosenow, Department of Social Sciences
How can we respond to management appropriation of the ‘decolonising education’ agenda?
Alex Powell, School of Law
Is disruption good? Reconsidering the domestication of dissent

Panel Two

Neal Harris, Department of Social Sciences
Neoliberalism: What is it good for?
Francesco Sticchi, School of Arts
Do zombie films fight real political struggles?
Tina Managhan, Department of Social Sciences
The end of the ‘liberal world order’: What does
gender have to do with it?