Get representation

If informal solutions haven’t worked, and the employer is threatening to initiate a disciplinary or capability procedure against you, we can help. A union rep can make sure that you are treated fairly, equitably and according to procedures, and actively advocate for your case in any meetings or conversations with management.

Union reps can also help if you feel you have been unfairly treated by the employer or another member of staff, and want to raise a grievance against them.

If you have asked a rep for informal advice on earlier stages of your case, they should be able to support you throughout formal processes as well. If you are reaching out for the first time, please complete this online form, so that our branch administrator can get you in touch with the most suitable caseworker. Your response will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Trained caseworkers can be in high demand, so you have to wait until one is available to take on your case. If that happens, the employer must postpone any meetings until a union rep is able to accompany you.