Get help

The union does not only represent members as a whole when negotiating with management over pay and working conditions. We also can offer individual, confidential advice, support and representation to members who are going through employment-related difficulties.

If you have an informal problem at work, or would like advice about your rights, you can get confidential advice from one of our caseworkers — union volunteers trained in employment law and conflict negotiation.

If the employer is taking disciplinary or capability action against you, or you are raising a grievance against the institution or another member of staff, you can ask to be represented by a union caseworker throughout the procedure. A union representative is your best defence against attempts to harass you with unreasonable demands.

If the matter reaches the courts, the union can provide legal advice and support.

Through Education Support Partnership, we also offer free and confidential support with issues of mental health and wellbeing, as well as a financial grants service if you are experiencing urgent financial need.