Get advice

If you need help with any matter relating to your employment, we can help. This can include helping you figure out the provisions in your employment contract and the policies that apply to you, but also advising you about informal ways of dealing with problems such as harassment, discrimination, burnout or redundancy.

The easiest way to find help is to complete this online form, so that our branch administrator can get you in touch with the most suitable caseworker. Your response will be treated in the strictest confidence.

If your problem is shared by others in your programme team or department, it can be more  efficient to address it collectively. Your Faculty representative will be usually well-positioned to advise on this kind of issue.

To make sure you are well-informed before your conversation with your caseworker, most relevant information is available from the employer’s Directorate of Human Resources, particularly the HR Employment Handbook.

The national UCU website also has a good general Support Centre, including standard advice on requesting confirmation of permanence after four years of service.