Report: UCU Southern Regional Council

Our Vice-Chair, Bob Langridge, attended the UCU Southern Regional Council in Winchester on 1 April 2017. Below is his report. 


These jolly events take place four times a year when UCU branches in the Region (ours included, to some extent) meet to discuss issues of common interest, collective action and Union governance.

The Spring meeting focuses upon the Annual Congress which is held at the end of May once the first report of the Congress Business Committee has been published. Our motions this year are about (i) excessive pay and remuneration for heads of HE and FE institutions, and (ii) Government withdrawal of bursaries for nurse training

Reports from regional branches included workload planning, possible redundancies at Ruskin College and Southampton Solent University, a merger between Southampton City College and Southampton Solent University,  the possibility of University of Southampton departing from the 2006 Framework Agreement, and UCU uncovering that Portsmouth University has been unlawfully denying associate lecturers rights to holiday pay.

While we should keep an eye on these matters and offer collective support, where redundancies are threatened, the most obvious parallel with our travails at Oxford Brookes is in relation to Workload Planning schemes. While UCU and university management have negotiated and agreed such a scheme at Bournemouth, there were reports that this agreement has not been implemented by management. Meanwhile, Southampton Solent has been discussing an alternative workload planning scheme based on 1560 hours (ours is 1600) and, as a consequence, we will be sharing information on the operation of these schemes across the Region.


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