Report from your Representatives at the Faculty of Business

Graham Diggle and Chris Harlow, your Faculty Representatives at the Faculty of Business, have compiled a report of their activity for the academic year 2016-2017. Read more about what they’ve been up to below. 

Faculty meetings

29 Nov

–> Meeting of a dozen UCU members to discuss:

  • Members attitude to calls for strike action
  • UCU work on workload planning
  • Reduced pay rates for Associate Lecturers

3 April (social event)

–> Meeting half a dozen UCU in social mode

  • One new member recruited
  • Concern about difficulty in having places to meet
  • Feelings about poor morale at Faculty – later echoed by report from UCL London

Meetings with Faculty Exec (Andrew Halford)

8 Dec

  • Discussion of the WLP framework, especially the intensification of workload and policy of loading to 100%
  • Contrast between the University tariff and proposal for open day “duties”
  • Request for notes of meeting with previous UCU (R Beresford)
  • Appropriate training for programme leads (experience of management difficulties)

19 May

Next meeting scheduled


Additionally, Graham and Chris have carried out a solid amount of casework, involving both formal and informal discussion processes. Providing direct assistance to members, they have covered issues including discrimination in the appointment process, bullying/harassment, summary cuts to research allowance, and workload planning problems.


A big thank you to Graham and Chris for all their hard work this year! 


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