UCU attends first Associate Lecturer Review Group – March 9

Wednesday 9th March 2016: UCU attended the first Associate Lecturer Review Group

Management have agreed to:

  • Collect data on how many ALs undertaking ML duties
  • Inform SMT of review
  • Explore alternative AL marking/assessment schemes
  • Draft survey questions and upload to shared AL google folder
  • Contact external facilitator for focus groups
  • Write to Deans asking them to identify 3-4 ALs willing to participate in focus group
  • Identify substantive academic staff who also have AL contract
  • Provide data on ALs and their FTE for next meeting
  • Provide list of ALs who meet criteria for moving to fractional contract and ask faculties to verify

This document explains UCU’s position in full: UCU submission to AL review meeting 9.03.2016.

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