Workload Planning Review Group Meeting – March 8

The University WLP review group met again on 8th March.

UCU recommended that the group improve the WLP Framework in line with the two OBU UCU Reports (on members’ concerns and proposals) – and also in line with the Green Paper’s emphasis on the necessary inputs for supporting teaching and research excellence (BIS, 2015). (As previously mentioned, UCU does not endorse the Green Paper and National UCU has submitted a range of concerns about the proposals).

The University WLP Group has recommended:

  1. To add a new activity for programme development activity. This is a positive step in enabling heads of department to earmark time for new courses and other developments.
  2. To include explicit provision for hours for recruitment activity.
  3. To recommend that each Faculty and OBI review the number of staff line managed by Programme Leads with a view to ensuring that it is normally no more than 12. (It was acknowledged that reducing the number of direct reports would take time to work through and that therefore the WLP guidance should be redrafted accordingly).

The report and proposed tariffs will be presented to Executive Board for approval on 11 April.  If approved, the WLP database will be updated and rolled out across the University shortly afterwards.

(It was also agreed that the first meeting next academic year should be scheduled for the start of October and that this meeting should be dedicated to exploring the work that has been done around the delineation of administration between academic and support staff).

UCU welcomes any recommendations to improve WLP and will tirelessly campaign for further improvements, to secure the actual hours that are needed for excellent research and teaching.

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