Oxford Brookes UCU’s Workload Planning Survey-Based Report

This is a report on the Workload Planning Framework (WLP) that we at Oxford Brookes UCU put together based on a survey of our members. 

Executive Summary:

This survey was conducted with the goal to assess the adequacy of the current WLP framework, and to identify which areas—if any—could be improved and how. Nearly half of our members responded to the survey, providing us with both significant quantitative data on trends and patterns across the university as well as extensive qualitative comments reflecting individual experiences.

Our main finding is that there is indeed a significant gap between the hours allocated under the WLP Framework and the hours members actually work in reality. Additionally, we found that there are some clear areas where this gap is particularly acute, which should be addressed as a matter of priority.

The report summarizes the detailed findings of our survey, highlighting the general trends in terms of gross numbers and providing an overview of the comments and suggestions made by the respondents regarding the different areas of the WLP framework.

We would like to emphasize the pressing character of this issue, particularly in light of the health and safety concerns it raises amongst staff in terms of stress.

All percentages in the report have been rounded to the nearest integer.


Click here for the full report: WLP_Survey-based-Report_FINAL

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