Oxford Brookes staff and students letter of support to the Oxford Action for Palestine Solidarity Encampment

The Oxford Action for Palestine (OA4P) encampment was started by members of the University of Oxford’s community on Monday 6th May. By this time, over 35,000 Palestinians of Gaza had been killed by Israel in the past seven months; all twelve universities in Gaza had been targeted and destroyed by Israel; an unprecedented number of journalists had been killed; Israel had systematically dismantled healthcare within Gaza; and two-thirds of all dwellings in Gaza had been destroyed. Meanwhile, Israel has placed a blockade on basic services and humanitarian assistance to Gaza. The ICJ determined in January that it is plausible that Israel’s actions amount to a genocide of the Palestinians of Gaza.

It has been reported that the University of Oxford is among the top five UK universities in receiving funds from arms producing and military services companies, and has research collaborations with companies developing weapons and military technology. On 1 May,  the International Centre of Justice for Palestinians (ICJP) wrote to the University of Oxford and 81 other UK universities, alerting them of the potential risk of criminal liability over any investments held in both arms companies and Israeli settlements. Despite repeated calls, the University of Oxford has failed to disclose whether it has direct and/or indirect investments in companies that are complicit in the attack on Gaza, and has failed to acknowledge and condemn the systematic and complete destruction of higher education in Gaza, including the killing of over 5,000 students, 100 professors, and 3 principals.

OA4P are demanding that the University of Oxford discloses its investments, and divests from arms companies as well as any other organisations that profit from Israeli apartheid, occupation, or genocide. OA4P are also calling for an institutional boycott of Israeli universities while genocide, apartheid, or occupation continue, and that the University of Oxford provides support for a Palestinian-led rebuilding of the twelve universities in Gaza destroyed by Israel.

These demands align with repeated calls from Palestinian trade unions to end all complicity and stop arming Israel. We support them and urge the University to take immediate actions to end any investment in, institutional relationships, or procurement contracts with companies and academic institutions funding and supplying weapons to the Israeli military or enabling Israel’s violations of international law through the crimes of occupation, apartheid or genocide. We are also concerned by the Prime Minister’s threatening language regarding these peaceful encampments, and condemn shallow political attempts to distract from the urgent onslaught taking place in Rafah – one that is being enabled by the UK government while most universities remain silent and complicit.

(The text above has been agreed by a group of Oxford and Reading Trade Unions from their statement to ‘Stand in Solidarity with the Oxford Action for Palestine encampment’ – we thank the organisers for letting us reproduce it here).

This letter and call for signatures from members of Oxford Brookes University is to extend our solidarity to OA4P, support the right to protest, and ask members to visit the encampment and support it in any way they can. Donations to the camp can be made by following the link at https://linktr.ee/oxact4pal

Please only sign this if you are staff or student at Oxford Brookes University. Link to Google Form to sign the letter.

This call for signatures is produced by the Oxford Brookes UCU branch, the Brookes UCU Palestine Solidarity group and follows UCU’s national policy, which states that ‘UCU supports all those standing against complicity in genocide, and for decolonisation, freedom, and equality. We reiterate our call for an immediate ceasefire, the immediate and unconditional release of all hostages, unrestricted access to humanitarian aid, and the lifting of the siege of Gaza.’ For a list of support from faculty at the University of Oxford, see here.

List of names

  1. Dr Maïa Pal, Senior Lecturer in International Relations
  2. Dr Lili Schwoerer, Teaching Fellow in Sociology
  3. Gerard Ward, Associate Lecturer (Law)
  4. Dana Wentworth, Lecturer
  5. Dr Tina Managhan, Senior Lecturer, International Relations
  6. Andrew Kilmister, Senior Lecturer in Economics, Oxford Brookes Business School
  7. Dr Kate West, Senior Lecturer in Visual Criminology
  8. Hanna Klien-Thomas, Research Fellow
  9. Helene Kazan- Senior Lecturer in Fine Art
  10. Rosamond Lynch, Student
  11. Daniela treveri Gennari, Professor of Cinema Studies 
  12. Francesco Sticchi, Lecturer in Film Studies 
  13. Dr Max Morris, Senior Lecturer in Criminology
  14. Anonymous, Researcher
  15. Tim Jones, Professor
  16. Dr Hazel Dawe, Associate lecturer 
  17. Patrick Alexander, Professor of Education
  18. Jon Wheatley, Senior Lecturer
  19. Stefanos Ioannou, Senior Lecturer in Economics
  20. Chrissie Steenkamp, Reader in Social and Political Change
  21. Louise Stafford, Programme Lead
  22. Shaan Syed, Associate Lecturer
  23. Rachel Ambrose, Mental Health Nursing Lecturer 
  24. Stuart Whigham, Senior Lecturer in Sport, Coaching and Physical Education
  25. Maria Daskalaki, Professor in Organisation Studies
  26. Valerie van Mulukom, Senior Lecturer
  27. Roderick Galam, Senior Lecturer
  28. Dr Ivan Čavdarević, Lecturer in Law
  29. Sue Brownill, Professor
  30. Maya Corry, Senior Lecturer in the History of Art
  31. Cathy d’Abreu
  32. Sam Skinner, Lecturer in Fine Art
  33. Anonymous, Associate Lecturer
  34. Zoë Jordan, Senior Lecturer 
  35. Ahalya Bala, Lecturer in Criminology 
  36. Judy Sandeman, Lecturer
  37. Dr Sara le Roux, Reader in Applied Economics and Decision 
  38. Achas Burin, Lecturer
  39. Jill Millar, Senior Lecturer
  40. Molly Cochran, Reader in International Relations
  41. Alex Goody, Professor of Twentieth Century Literature and Culture
  42. Dr Birgit den Outer, Senior Lecturer
  43. Anonymous staff
  44. Mel Nowicki, Reader in Urban Geography
  45. Judie Gannon, OBBS
  46. Charoula Tzanakou, Reader
  47. Dr Stephen Hurt, Reader in International Relations
  48. Rylie White, 1st year Student for urban planning
  49. Jelena Stojkovic, Senior Lecturer
  50. Zac Coleman, Master’s student
  51. Anonymous student
  52. Claudia Lueders, Lecturer in Politics
  53. Lucy Ford, Senior Lecturer International Relations
  54. Ariadne Kline, Student
  55. Isobel Roberts. Student
  56. Keanu Worley, Student
  57. Liv Gilbert, Student
  58. Paulina Szostak, Senior Admissions Officer
  59. Dr Abbey Halcli, Principal Lecturer in Sociology
  60. Hamish Graham, Masters Student
  61. Maleeha Saad, Student
  62. Tatiana Kontou, Senior Lecturer in 19th C. Literature
  63. Aisha Bashir, Student
  64. Ross Wignall, Lecturer in Anthropology
  65. Patrick Alexander, Professor of Education
  66. Olivia Afonso, Senior Lecturer
  67. Dr Claire Launchbury, TF and SC in Communication, Media and Cultural Studies
  68. Claire Lee, Research Fellow 
  69. Caroline Sloan, Associate Lecturer
  70. Safia Ben Oun, Student
  71. Tim Marshall, Emeritus Professor of Planning
  72. Anonymous, Student
  73. Peter Taylor, Student
  74. Marwa, Student
  75. Marysia Elliott, Student
  76. Stevie Miller, Student
  77. Megan Hobbs, Student
  78. Mirna Pedalo, Associate Lecturer
  79. Warveen Jahwar, MA student
  80. Vincent Brown, Student
  81. shantel okwunakwe, student
  82. Rosa Codina, Senior lecturer in events and tourism management
  83. Thevuni Raju, Nursing Student
  84. Charlotte Maddison, Programme lead
  85. Catherine Kington, Lecturer Initial Teacher Education
  86. Caroline murray, Student
  87. Anupama Ranawana, Alumna and former visiting researcher
  88. Alba Ruso, Student
  89. Jia Syed, Computer Science Student
  90. Krupa Patel, Student
  91. Louise Bilous, Student
  92. Layla Saleh, Marketing Communications Management student
  93. Reo Barborica, Undergraduate Student and Incoming VP: Education & Advocacy of the Student Union
  94. Tamsin Barber, Reader in Sociology
  95. Luka Sweeting, Student
  96. Annabel Waterson, University Administration 
  97. Anonymous, Student
  98. Anonymous, Student
  99. Tyler Stillwell, Student
  100. James Bennett, Student
  101. Moran Hajyahy, LLB Law Student 
  102. Anisa Shikder, Student 
  103. Faisal Younis, Student 
  104. Selina, Student
  105. Anonymous, Student
  106. Eithne O’Connor, Student
  107. Elizabeth Pinkney, Undergraduate Student
  108. Anonymous, Student
  109. Anonymous, Student
  110. Anonymous, Student
  111. Anjola Eke, Student 
  112. Anonymous, Student
  113. Anonymous, Student 
  114. Farhan Arshad, Student 
  115. Anonymous, Student
  116. Anonymous, Student
  117. Anonymous, Student
  118. Anonymous LSS Academic, Senior Lecturer
  119. Riham, Student
  120. Ashley Cushman, Academic Liaison Librarian
  121. Chloe Romero, Student
  122. Catherine Black, Dyslexia/SpLD Tutor
  123. Daisy Tovell, Student
  124. Astoria Zarazel, Curriculum and Student Information Manager
  125. Anonymous, Student
  126. Anonymous, Student
  127. Anonymous, Student