Advice on Face to Face Teaching and Vulnerable Members

Currently, Brookes is requiring that academic staff be available for face to face teaching. It has also said that if staff refuse to undertake face to face delivery they may be put on unpaid leave. Our position is that if you have a health condition that puts you at risk by attending work – particularly if you have a chronic illness or disability, or are living with someone who does – you may legitimately object to putting yourself at risk by having to attend work in person.

In addition, if you are feeling extremely anxious (and anxiety can be a physiological condition) about coming in, but have no other health issues, you may wish to consider seeing your GP for advice, and possibly a fitness to work note that may ask the employer to make the reasonable adjustment of not requiring you to come in.

If you are experiencing difficulties about coming to a mutually acceptable agreement with your line manager about attending work, please seek advice from your union rep.

We are attaching information from UCU on the rights of vulnerable staff which should address any concerns you might have about your rights here. You can also find the branch statement on reopening of the campus here.

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