Report: UCU Congress 27-29 May 2017

Below is Bob Langridge’s report of the 2017 UCU Congress in Brighton. You can read Sally Hunt’s address here



Once again, I thank you for your support in representing this branch at the UCU Congress in Brighton which took place over the late May bank holiday.

At an event such as this, the majority of business is about reports back from the NEC and its various sub-committees. That is not to suggest that the debates were not lively and at times excited; nevertheless, unlike some previous congresses, the contributions were generally good-natured.

The centrepiece of Congress was the General Secretary’s report. Key points included, falling staff numbers despite the rise in income fees, the tackling of pay inequality, casualization and escalating workloads. Finally, while not abandoning national bargaining, a lot of these issues need to be addressed at more local level.

The major issue, however, was future approaches to industrial action in the light of past performance. A commission will be set up to look at alternative approaches and a start will be made to make the approach less top-down with more consultation with local branches.

While most members at Brookes are in the Teachers’ Pension Scheme, there are some who are signed up with USS. USS has gone through an extremely difficult few years and a report by First Actuarial comparing USS with TPS has been produced. Should any USS member wish to see a copy, please contact us.

–Bob Langridge

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