Branch Update – February 17

Revamped website

As you can see, we now have a more developed website, which we hope will serve as a useful resource for members (and to help attract new members) Feel free to leave comments directly on our pages or get in touch with the Branch Administrator if you have any suggestions for how to further improve this interface.

Upcoming recruitment week: Feb 22-26

February promises to be a busy month for trade unions, with the Trade Union Congress (TUC) launching a week of campaigning to oppose the Trade Union Bill and celebrate the positive impact of unions in workplaces and society. UCU will be playing a full role in supporting this week and will use it as a springboard for activism for national recruitment week 2. We at Oxford Brookes UCU will be joining these efforts and running a local recruitment week on our campuses.


Check your pay!

As part of its national campaign for fair pay within further and higher education, UCU has created an excellent new function on its website called ‘Rate for the Job’. You can use it to:

  1. Compare your salary to similar staff in your and other universities
  2. See how the value of your pay has been affected by recent below inflation pay rises
  3. Check how big the gender pay gap is in your institution

You can help the campaign for fair pay by letting others know you have used ‘Rate for the Job’, either by
using the social media buttons at the bottom of the ‘Rate for the Job’ page or by forwarding the link to colleagues who are not in the union together with the join UCU link

Equality Officer position available on Oxford Brookes UCU Committee

UCU equality reps and officers work within branches to promote equality with the employer and union members. This could include looking at issues such as:

  • flexible working
  • absence management
  • discriminatory practices
  • equal pay
  • equality impact assessments.

They also ensure that UCU’s national annual meetings, and any other relevant events and opportunities for women, black members, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) members and disabled members are publicised locally, that members from all groups are encouraged to participate, and that the branch maximises the opportunities for recruitment and organisation amongst all groups.

Equality reps are key in developing and sustaining national and local equality networks.

The Equality Officer position for Oxford Brookes UCU has been open for nominations and remains open for co-option (until the annual nomination process for all posts takes place). Please get in touch with the Branch Administrator if you would like more information.

Next branch meetings:

Our next branch meetings will be on 9 March and 27 April (AGM).


The links below provide access to the regular updates sent to all UCU members by Justine Stephens, UCU’s head of campaigns. For further information on national campaigns, please refer to UCU’s main website:

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