Election results: Your Committee for 2017-2018

Here is the confirmed updated list of Exec Officers for our academic year 2017-2018:

The chair: Alan Reeve

The vice-chair: Bob Langridge

The treasurer: Stephen Hurt

The minutes secretary: Stewart Thompson

The Health & Safety representative: John Lo Breglio

The equality officer: Sola Adesola

Faculty representative TDE: Tim Jones

Faculty representative HLS: Stewart Thompson

Faculty representative HSS: Maia Pal, Alon Lischinsky, Juliet Henderson

Faculty representative OBI: Garry McGuire

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 team, and a warm welcome to Tim Jones, who has just joined the Committee for the very first time!

We have three more positions to fill. If you are interested in one of them or know someone who might be, then please get in touch!

– The branch secretary

– The anti-casualisation officer*

– Faculty representative for the Faculty of Business

Please note that induction, training, support, and dedicated union hours are available for these roles. The Committee will consider role-sharing for all three roles should this configuration arise.


The anti-casualisation officer must currently be on a casualised contract or have been on such a contract in the past two years.

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