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Branch Administrator

We are currently hiring for this post, if interested please see:

Many thanks for your patience while we recruit for this position, as there may be delays in our communication and website updates.


Committee/Branch Officers

Chair: (Alan Reeve)

Vice-Chair: (Bob Langridge)

Branch Co-Secretary: (Maia Pal)

Branch Co-Secretary: (Andy Kilmister)

Treasurer: (Stephen Hurt)

Equality Officer: (Sola Adesola)

Health & Safety Representative: (John Lobreglio) (Currently on research leave for 2017-2018)

Minutes Secretary: (Stewart Thompson)


Faculty Representatives

Humanities and Social Sciences (1): (Juliet Henderson)

Humanities and Social Sciences (2): (Alon Lischinsky)

Humanities and Social Sciences (3): (Maia Pal)

Health & Life Sciences: (Stewart Thompson)

Business: (Andy Kilmister)

Technology, Design, and Environment (1): (Alan Reeve)

Technology, Design, and Environment (2): (Bob Langridge)

Technology, Design, and Environment (3): (Tim Jones)

Oxford Brookes International: (Garry Maguire)